About us..

We know how to handle a serious camera! With over 10 years’ experience in operating Technical products we don’t miss a beat with gear.


Spending the last six years specialising in wedding videography.... why? It’s always the most rewarding of any type of job we do and most importantly every wedding is different!

We don’t go to our next wedding saying "oh just another day", because every wedding has had months, even years of preparation to be special and unique. We are here to capture that.


Adam has a degree in Technical Production and completes a wide range of tasks including: advertisements, promotions, music film clips, documentaries and feature films.  In the past five years most importantly with passion, Wedding Videography.


Adam is 30 and has always had a passion for vision and audio. He operates a recording studio in Hobart and takes his job very seriously.  Adam understands the importance of delivering the perfect product!


Adam also has a Cert III & IV in Fitness, and likes to keep active by going to the gym regularly and helping clients fulfill their goals.